Jim Godwin


Zoologist – Alabama Natural Heritage Program


Research Interests: Freshwater Turtles, Conservation, Natural History, Red Hills Salamander, Subterranean Diversity, eDNA


M.S. (Zoology), 1985, Auburn University

B.S. (Biology), 1978, Harding College

Selected Publications:

Wines, M.P., V. Johnson, B. Lock, F. Antonio, J.C. Godwin, E.M. Rush, and C. Guyer. 2015. Optimal husbandry of hatchling Eastenr Indigo Snakes (Drymarchon couperi) during a captive head-start program. Zoo Biology. In press.

Steen, D.A., J.C. Godwin, C.J. McClure, and M. Barbour. 2014. Informing management of endemic habitat specialists: Multiscale habitat selection by the Red Hills Salamander. Journal of Wildlife Management 75:463-470.

Ennen, J. R., M. E. Kalis, A. L. Patterson, B. R. Kreiser, J. E. Lovich, J. Godwin, and C. P. Qualls. 2014. Clinal variation or validation of a subspecies? A case study of the Graptemys nigrinoda complex (Testudines: Emydidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.


Godwin, J., J.E. Lovich, J.R. Ennen, B. Kreiser, B. Folt, and C.Lechowicz. 2014. Sympatry and hybridization of two megacephalic map turtles (Graptemys) in the Choctawhatchee River drainage. Copeia 2014(4): 725–742.http://dx.doi.org/10.1643/CH-13-132

Rivera, G., J.N. Davis, J.C. Godwin, and D.C. Adams. 2013. Repeatability of habitat-associated divergence in shell shape of turtles. Evolutionary Biology 41:29–37.

Folt, B. and J.C. Godwin. 2013. Status of the Alligator Snapping10718443-12.2.cover Turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) in south Alabama with comments on its distribution. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 12(2): 211-217. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2744/CCB-1036.1

Niemiller, M.L., G.O. Graening, D.B. Fenolio, J.C. Godwin, J.R. Cooley, W.D. Pearson, B.M. Fitzpatrick, T.J. Near. 2013. Doomed before they are described? The need for conservation assessments of cryptic species complexes using an amblyopsid cavefish (Amblyopsidae: Typhlichthys) as a case study. Biodiversity and Conservation 22: 1799-1820.

Apodaca, J.J., L.J. Rissler, and J.C. Godwin. 2012. Population structure and gene flow in a heavily disturbed habitat: Implications for the management of the imperiled Red Hills salamander (Phaeognathus hubrichti). Conservation Genetics 13(4): 913-923.

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Godwin, J. 2008. Red Hills salamander habitat delineation, breeding bird surveys, and habitat restoration recommendations on commercial timberlands.  Unpublished report submitted to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, State Wildlife Grant Program.  157 pp.

Godwin, J.C. 2008. Tennessee Cave Salamander, Gyrinophilus  palleucus. Pp. 202-204 In J. B. Jensen, C. D. Camp, W. Gibbons, and M. J. Elliott, eds. Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia. University of Georgia Press, Athens, GA.