Brian Folt

me_18jun12_1a_croppedPh.D. Candidate

Research interests: Population and community ecology, conservation, systematics, taxonomy, turtles

Education: B.S. (Biological Sciences), 2011, Ohio University

Selected publications:

Folt, B., J.B. Jensen, A. Teare, and D. Rostal. 2016. Establishing reference demography for conservation: A case study of Macrochelys temminckii in Spring Creek, Georgia. Herpetological Monographs 30: 21-33. PDF

Ennen, J.R., J. Godwin, J.E. Lovich, B.R. Kreiser, B. Folt, and S. Hazzard. 2016. Interdrainage morphological and genetic differences in the Escambia Map Turtle, Graptemys ernsti. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 11: 122–131. PDFPseudotriton

Folt, B., N. Garrison, C. Guyer, J. Rodriguez, and J.E. Bond. 2016. Phylogeography and evolution of the Red Salamander
(Pseudotriton ruber). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 98: 97–110. PDF

Folt, B. and C. Guyer. 2015. Evaluating recent taxonomic changes for alligator snapping 00458511-2014.4.coverturtles (Testudines: Chelydridae). Zootaxa 3947(3): 447–450. E-mail me for a PDF.

Godwin, J., J.E. Lovich, J.R. Ennen, B. Kreiser, B. Folt, and C. Lechowicz. 2014. Sympatry and hybridization of two megacephalic map turtles (Graptemys) in the Choctawhatchee River drainage. Copeia 2014(4): 725–742. PDF

Folt, B., T. Pierson, S.M. Goetz, J. Goessling, D. Laurencio, D. Thompson, and S.P. Graham. 2013. Amphibians and reptiles of 10718443-12.2.coverJasper County, Mississippi with comments on the potentially extinct Bay Springs Salamander (Plethodon ainsworthi). Herpetological Review 44(2): 283-286. PDF

Folt, B. and J.C. Godwin. 2013. Status of the Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) in south Alabama with comments on its distribution. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 12(2): 211-217. PDFcruziohyla

Folt, B., and K.E. Reider. 2013. Herpetofaunal richness, density, and community composition in plantation monocultures and primary forest of La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica. Biodiversity and Conservation 22(9): 2057-2070. PDF

Book Chapters:

Folt, B. In press. Eastern Fence Lizard Sceloporus undulatus (Bosc & Daudin 1801). In: Wynn, D., J.G. Davis, G. Lipps, et al. (Eds.). Reptiles of Ohio.

Folt, B., and J.G. Davis. 2013. Blanchard’s Cricket Frog Acris blanchardi (Harper 1947). In: Pfingsten, R.A., J.G. Davis, T.O. Matson, G. Lipps, Jr., D. Wynn, and B.J. Armitage (Eds.).  Amphibians of Ohio.  Ohio Biological Survey Bulletin New Series, Volume 17 Number 1.

Selected Published Notes:

Folt, B., D. Laurencio, J.M. Goessling, R.D. Birkhead, J. Stiles, S. Stiles, S. Belford, and A.T. Harris. 2015. One hundred two new county records for amphibians and reptiles in Alabama. Herpetological Review 46(4): 591-594. PDF

Pierson, T.W., T. Stratmann, E.C. White, A.G. Clause, C. Carter, M.W. Herr, A.J. Jenkins, H. Vogel, M. Knoerr, and B. Folt. 2014. New county records of amphibians and reptiles resulting from a bioblitz competition in north-central Georgia, U.S.A. Herpetological Review 45(2): 296-297. PDFbarbouri

Sterrett, S.C., J.B. Jensen, and B. Folt. 2014. Graptemys barbouri (Barbour’s Map Turtle): basking height. Herpetological Review 45(2): 314-315. PDF

Folt, B., and D. Laurencio. 2013. Agkistrodon contortrix (Copperhead): diet. Herpetological Review 44(3): 517. PDF

Folt, B., J.R. Folt, and C.R. Brune. 2012. New county records for Ohio amphibians and reptiles. Herpetological Review 43(4): 624-625. PDF

Folt, B. 2012. Lithobates heckscheri (River Frog). Geographic Distribution. Herpetological Review 43(1): 99.